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Triumph favours the Brave.

We’re a unique agency blending creative advertising and branding with rock solid, next level, top notch strategies to help ambitious brands realise their true purpose and stand for something bigger than themselves.

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Hatchet Agency — is a multidisciplinary, creative first, advertising and branding co-op built to challenge the very definition of advertising.

Our strong, but blended array of capabilities and specialties keeps us focused on the one big thing that skyrockets engagement with your audience. The big idea!

We’re not limited by last years technology or frightened by tomorrows advances. We’re on the ‘cutting edge’ (pardon the pun) of technology. Always on the look-out for what’s happening to best help you build better relationships with your people.

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A Communication Toolkit for your Brand. Okay, you caught on. We talk a big game. Luckily, we’re not all talk!

Together with our team and our partners, we’re able to ‘hatch’ a great idea (another bad pun!) from an eye sparkle right through to delivery without a hitch.

Need proof? We’re one step ahead! Check out what some of our clients have had to say about working with us below.

Advertising & Creative

  • TV, radio, outdoor, print, direct mail, digital, non-traditional activations and installations.

Design & Branding

  • Brand naming, logos, visual and verbal identities, packaging, design, media planning, creative support.

Strategy & Research

  • Brand/campaign strategy, market research, business, marketing, communications, trade, consumer.

Digital & Social

  • Development, design mapping, digital and social advertising, user experience, digital products.
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Our Capabilities: Also known as; — Brand Building and Brand Identity Design, Integrated Advertising Campaigns, Television, Radio and Out of home Advertising, Big Creative Ideas (Ad’s that don’t look like Ad’s), Above, Below and Through the line Advertising, Strategic Planning Services, Media Planning, Media Buying, Account Management, Digital Design, Build and Support, User Experience workflow mapping, Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising, Brand Touchpoint and Journey Mapping.

Robyn Larkin

Robyn Larkin

Head of Copy
Matt Arthy

Matt Arthy

Head of Strategy
Casey Midgley

Casey Midgley

Creative Director
Mark Crisostomo

Mark Crisostomo


In their words — Some people say our work speaks for itself. But we think it’s much better to hear directly from our clients instead. Here’s what they had to say about us…

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